Interesting Pub Crawls around the world


Pub Crawls are a phenomena that is taking over the party scene across the world. They emerged in the new millenium just as the 90s generation were taking their first steps into the nightlife of bars, pubs and clubs all over the globe.

This comes as no surprise given the fact that most young people love to enjoy beer, wine and booze during their holidays, solo travel, gap years, bachelor nights or hen parties. A pub crawl is an organised experience where one will become apart of group of people, ready to dance and flirt all night long.

Most pub crawls offer the standard entry drinks, power hour etc. Some pub crawls add a little to get the party started.

Malta Pub Crawl is an excellent example of creativity, they have come up with an entire list of 30+ challenges that will get you socialising, laughing and acting silly. This is sure to make a great first impression on your new found friends from around the world.

Some the challenges are simple such as ‘’Do a body on the bar’’ or ‘’ask the barman to remove his shirt.’’ Others are a little more complex and require a team effort like ‘’build a human pyramid.’’

At the end of the night the most adventurous team is rewarded with extra drinks or maybe a free tshirt.

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Best Pre-party Places in Ljubljana

Ljubljana is a great town for crazy parties until the wee hours. Still most of us need a little warm up before we hit the clubs. There are a number of cool pre-party places where you can prepare yourself for Ljubljana's nightlife and here’s a list of those we like best.

Parlament Pub

A great place to either start or end your night, or maybe just to grab a cup of coffee during the day. Parlament is a coffee palace and a pub, that turns into a club in the evening, and stays open until 4AM. It’s known for cheap drinks and cocktails (3 for the price of 2) and a young crowd, comprised mostly of local & international students. It’s one of those places that is always packed, regardless of what day or time it is. All this makes Parlament an excellent choice for a pre-party.

Parlament Pub's Outdoor Terrace


A great pre-drinking place with a cool old-school american style interior. They are known for their wide range of shots and of course their sexy all-female staff. 6PM - 11PM is happy hour, when you can get discounts on your drinks, after that the bar stays open until 5AM. They’re mostly visited by a younger crowd of students and the like.

Cutty Sark

A typical English pub that has one of the widest selections of beer in the city. A place that attracts a very diverse crowd of all possible ages and is almost always full, especially on weekends. Cutty Sark is also known as a cool sports bar where you can watch a game over a beer with your buddies.

Petkovškovo nabrežje (Bar Area)

An area along the riverbank of Ljubljanica where a number of bars are located. It’s a great place to pre-drink, especially during the summer, when you’re able to sit outside. Most of the bars have screens so you’re able to watch the games. They’re also known for offering a wide selection of beers, including a number of local craft beers, which can be really good and we highly recommend you try them.

Petkovsek Bar on the Petkovsek Riverbank

Cankarjevo nabrežje (Bar Area)

Another area along the riverbank of Ljubljanica where several different bars and restaurants are located. Unlike the Petkovškovo nabrežje, which is known for its pubs with great beer, Cankarjevo nabrežje has more cocktail bars and lounge areas. Just walk along the riverbank and see which ones you like best. Some of our favourites are: Tokyo Piknik, Solist Bar, Chill out, and Fetiche.

Pod skalco

Known for cheap drinks and late working hours. Pod Skalco is open every day until 3AM, even on holidays and certain workdays when some places are closed (or close early). If you find yourself lost and unsure where to go on a Sunday or a Monday, this is the place where you’re always welcome.

Bar at Pod Skalco has Swings Instead of Chairs

Ljubljanica beach

Though not exactly legal, you can always buy drinks at the supermarket, and pre-drink outside. The beach of river Ljubljanica is a popular place for that. Note that in Slovenia you can only buy alcohol from 10AM to 9PM and smaller stores only offer the very basic stuff. If you’re staying in the center, you’ll get the most drinks to choose from in larger stores such as Maxi. If not, or if you don’t mind taking a ride to one of the shopping centers (BTC or Rudnik), you should, by all means, go to one of the larger supermarket. Just be sure that when you’re drinking outside, you clean after yourself and don’t make too much fuss, or else you might get in trouble with the local authorities.


These are some places we recommend you to visit for getting your party started in Ljubljana. Our best advice for a pre-party though is to save yourself a bit for later. Remember this is supposed to be a warm up before the actual party, not a party of it’s own. If you get wasted too soon you’ll have all sorts of problems, starting with not being able to get into the best clubs. They tend to deny entry to those who are too drunk, not to mention it’s unlikely you’ll keep a fond memory of your party if you get sick or aren’t even able to remember anything. If you’re not sure how to take on a pre-party in Ljubljana we recommend you join a Pub Crawl. That way you’ll visit all the best places with a guide and finish in one of Ljubljana’s finest clubs. All the while you’ll meet other travelers, warm up with a bunch of drinks, and get ready for the night of your life.


Hungover in Ljubljana

Ljubljana is known for the craziest parties. As anything good though this too has it’s downsides. Here’s what you can do to survive the horrible headache you feel after experiencing Ljubljna's wild nightlife.

1. Hungover Brunch

The first thing you need to start getting over the sickness is a good breakfast. But since it’s usually a bit late to call it that, let’s say you should go for a brunch :) Some excellent places for comforting morning food are Le Petit Cafe, Ek Bistro and Slovenska hiša. Go for the latter if you’d like a proper Slovenian style breakfast. If not, the first two offer a wide range of delicious breakfast dishes to fill your sore stomach. Be sure to also drink a lot of fluids, preferably water or fresh fruit juice.    

2. Park

Once you are properly fed you can take a walk and chill in a park. The biggest in Ljubljana is park Tivoli. It has a number of walking paths as well as a trim trail and a few playgrounds for kids. There’s also a botanic garden if you need something to rest your eyes on, and a few bars where you can have some coffee. One of the main places for that are Caffe Bienale overlooking the park’s outdoor gallery and Čolnarna (Boathouse) with a nice view of lake Tivoli, which in the summer is filled with waterlilies.

3. Comedy Walking Tour

If at that point you feel like you have regained your physical strength and need something to help improve your mood, then get your laugh on by going on a Comedy Tour. It’s hosted by a comedian who takes you through the town, ripping on the main attractions, monuments and landmarks. You’ll hear funny stories about Ljubljana and have your spirits lifted in no time. Note that this is a free tour, which means you only pay as much as you feel it is worth. If you don’t like it, you’re not obliged to pay.


Comedy Tour Group in Ljubljana


4. Wine Tasting

If you already feel like you’re ready for the next party than you might want to skip the tour and go straight to a winetasting. If not, you can always fight fire with fire and go anyway. This is a really cool activity if you’re interested in wine and would like some mild pre-dinner drinking. It’s hosted by a wine expert and takes place in a 300 year old cellar in the center of Ljubljana. You’re guided through tasting 7 top Slovenian wines, accompanied by delicious snacks. The tastings are interactive and are both fun and informative.


Wine Tasting in Ljubljana


After that you’ll probably want to have some dinner before you go out clubbing again or head home to wherever it is you’re staying for some rest. A great place to grab some delicious local food is Hiša pod Gradom. Either way, by the time you’ve finished your 7th sample of wine, or have completed the hilarious walking tour, any traces of your hangover should be long gone.



5 Most Popular Lounge Bars in Ljubljana


Lounge bars are perfect for relaxing afternoon drinks with your friends or business partners. Though there are many such places to choose from in Ljubljana, here are 5 which we find to be the most popular.   

AS Aperitivo

AS is not only an amazing restaurant, but also extends to AS Aperitivo, a more relaxed lounge area where guests can enjoy a nice glass of wine, a cocktail or perhaps a light mediterranean dish. The bar hosts DJ performances on the weekends with smooth lounge or house music attracting an easy going crowd and making it a perfect place for mingling and meeting interesting new people. 

The bar inside AS Aperitiv 

Soba 102

A lounge bar and restaurant which transforms into a party place on the weekends. With everything from amazing food, wine and desserts to special off and on party events this bar has a really cool vibe, attracting quite a crowd and making it the perfect place for almost any occasion. 


A great cafe & restaurant during the week and an amazing lounge or sometimes even a party place on the weekends. During the summer you’ll be able to enjoy a zen-like garden resembling a perfect yoga practice spot and when the weather is bad the place still has a nice  interior making it no less fun when it’s cold. Sputnik also hosts events that range from live music performances, house parties to salsa dance parties. The only downside of this bar is that it takes about a 15 minute drive from the city center to get there so you won’t be able to reach it on foot. 

Dvorni Bar

A wine bar with the widest selection of wines by the glass in Slovenia. The place is also a restaurant offering luscious lunches during the day and delicious snacks in the evening. There are tables outside the bar when the weather is warm where you can enjoy an excellent view of the castle, while the separes inside offer a more private atmosphere with large windows still attracting some glances from outside.

Dvorni Bar lounge area 


Located in the BTC business, shopping & entertainment area it is the go-to place for after-work drinks. A great place to grab a coffee or drink and talk business with your new clients or with your buddies.

This concludes our list of 5 popular lounge bars in Ljubljana. We hope you’re able to find one that suits your needs and have a great time in our beautiful city no matter which of the bars you decide to visit.

7 Clubs You have to visit while in Ljubljana

Ljubljana is a great place for parties. The town has a booming nightlife and is home to an astounding number of clubs given it’s small size. One of the best things about Ljubljana is that since it is so small you are able to visit most of the clubs on foot, saving yourself tons of money on transport. Here are some of the clubs you absolutely have to visit when you’re in town.


Cirkus club has a unique, crazy atmosphere, an excellent selection of music, one of the best sound systems in town and always a fantastic vibe. It’s one of the biggest clubs in Ljubljana, regularly filled up with people whose mission is to party and they like to party hard! There is a big balcony above the main floor, which you can access only with a VIP pass and if by chance you see a clown or a midget on the floor, it’s not necessarily because you’re drunk. The club is popular with both students as well as a more mature audience and as for the music, Circus offers everything from hip hop and r&b to all sorts of electronic music with occasional 70’s, 80’s and 90’s style events. 

View of Cirkus Klub Stage and Floor


As you might have guessed by the name this club is located on the 6th floor and offers an awesome view of the city. It’s positioned directly in the center of the town and has been the heart of Ljubljana’s nightlife for quite some time. Lately the club is also attracting a younger audience, especially during the week, which makes it the perfect place if you’re looking for a diverse crowd where you can meet all sorts of interesting people. There’s also a fancy area accessible only with a VIP pass where you can find a more exclusive type of crowd. On most days you’ll be able to hear mainstream electronic dance music mixed with funky Balkan beats, however the club is also known to host Slovenian, Ex-Yu and other artist from across the globe, so don’t expect a shortage of live music there as well.


You've probably heard of Hooters, one of the most masculine bars around nowadays – and here its is, Ljubljana's very own version called Shooters! It's a great pre-party place with female-only bartenders and commercial music ranging from electro to house and RNB. Shooters opened just a while back and instantly became one of the most popular clubs in Ljubljana which is no surprise since it’s a very cool place with great interior, good prices and quality music. A nice addition to the club is also karaoke which they are hosting on regular basis. They’re open Tuesday to Saturday so if you’re looking for a party during the week, they’re definitely worth checking out. 

A party in Shooters Club


Not only is this the most popular pre-party location in Ljubljana it’s also a great place if you’re looking for inexpensive drinks and parties until the wee hours. The pub is known for it’s international get-togethers and is always full of students, both local and those coming from all over the world. This makes it a great place to meet new people, especially if you run into the Pub Crawl Ljubljana who are regularly visiting the pub. It’s safe to say that while in Ljubljana, you haven’t experienced the students nightlife properly until you’ve tried partying in the Parlament Pub with the locals.


Considered to be one of the biggest clubs in Ljubljana, Cvetličarna offers a variety of different events. It’s always striving to promote quality music and prominent artists, making it a popular place for parties and concerts alike. Cvetličarna has been a nightclub and an event venue since 2003, growing together with their highly devoted audience, which is mainly due to their excellent understanding of their visitor’s specific needs and desires. The place is known for their top-notch sound system and wonderful light shows, which together create a magical atmosphere throughout the dance floor. 

A party in Cvetličarna


A very special spot for anyone who is looking for something different than what other clubs have to offer. K4 is an integral part of our local urban culture, not only fueling Ljubljana’s but also the entire Slovenian nightlife. The main goal of this club is always to present new electronic sounds to the public before they become mainstream. K4 may not be the biggest club in the city but it definitely makes up for it’s size with it’s uniquely designed dance floors and artist lineups, always striving to provide the maximum quality of music for their ever so loyal visitors.


A unique place in Ljubljana’s town center with an incredibly cool interior design giving you a totally laid-back vibe. Though mostly a pre-party place it can turn into a club, offering awesome parties until 3 am. They also serve luscious and reasonably priced finger food after hours, making the place more and more popular with both locals and tourists. Another cool thing about Centralna Postaja is they have a spacious indoor smoking area making it possible for smokers to keep enjoying their drinks and listening to all the fine music without ever having to leave the club. 

The bar at Centralna Postaja 

That’s it for our list of popular clubs in Ljubljana. As you can see there’s definitely no shortage of parties here, and there are many places where you can go clubbing. If you’re not into visiting the clubs on your own though, it can be much more fun to join a Pub Crawl. You’ll start by going into some of the best bars in town, and after that, the final stop of each Pub Crawl is at least one of the aforementioned clubs. For more info about Pub Crawl in Ljubljana click here>

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